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Pokhara to Chitwan

Pokhara to Chitwan takes about 4 hours. It is a simple and quick bus journey leading you to Chitwan National Park and all of the nature and wildlife. If you are looking to spend some time in Chitwan, taking the bus is an inexpensive way to get there!

Pokhara to Kathmandu

Getting to Kathmandu by bus is an 8 hour journey. Winding along the valleys of the Privthi Highway and following rivers, this is a long but scenic trip eventually climbing up to the ridge before dropping into Kathmandu Valley. An inexpensive way to reach Nepal's capital city.

Pokhara Activities

Not looking for flights and looking for activities and tours in the Pokhara area? No problem! Click the option below and you will see some of the great things you can do in and around the city.

Other transport options?

Pokhara Bus

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