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Bus to Pokhara

The bus to Pokhara leaves from Kantipath Road. It takes approximately 7 hours and leaves at 7AM. The journey winds across valleys and rural villages.

The bus will stop for lunch on the way, feel free to make use of the restrooms at this point and buy any food you may want. The bus is comfortable and you will have an assigned seat. This is a tourist bus and will drop you to the tourist bus station in Pokhara.

If you let us know where you are staying in Kathmandu and/or Pokhara, we can provide you simple directions. The departure point is walkable from Thamel and the bus station in Pokhara is walkable to most locations in Lakeside.

The cost is $10.99 per ticket. Please book below and we will be in touch with final details about your upcoming journey!

Bus to Chitwan

Chitwan is a place to relax in nature. The location of the Chitwan National Park means that wildlife and natural settings are guaranteed. From elephants to rhinos and many species of exotic birds, there really is something for everyone.

Getting to Chitwan shouldn't be difficult either and that is where we come in! A tourist bus leaves from Kathmandu every morning at 8AM. The bus drives towards Chitwan and takes approximately 6 hours.

You will be assigned a seat on the bus and it is a comfortable tourist bus. The bus departs from Kantipath Road and we can provide directions if you are staying in the Thamel area. The bus costs $10.99 per ticket.

Without further ado, if you plan to travel to Chitwan, please complete the payment below and await our contact. We'll send you a quick form for final details prior to the journey!

Bus to Delhi

Are you ready for the monster of bus journeys? This 1,145km journey can take anywhere from 26 to 32 hours to complete. The bus departs from Boudinath and we can provide you directions to here. Chances are you will probably need to take a taxi to get it.

If you are looking to get to Delhi, have a crazy overland experience and not in a rush then this is the journey for you. The bus leaves daily in the morning at approximately 9AM. You can expect to reach Delhi the next day at about midday.

Tickets for this monster of journeys come at a price of $43.69 per person. Please book below and we will follow up with a form to get all your information before boarding.

Please do note that you need to have valid permissions to enter India. If you do not have a visa and need one, we cannot be held responsible if you cannot travel beyond the border!

Bus to Besisahar

Besisahar is a little known destination popular with those who fancy themselves against the Annapurna Sanctuary Circuit. The month long trek offers great views across the Himalayas and the Annapurna region.

The journey to Besisahar itself which acts as the gateway is a relatively straightforward one. The bus journey is approximately 170km and takes approximately 6 hours. The departure point is from the New Bus Station in Kathmandu, we can assist you with directions on how to reach here.

There are a few small hotels and a bazaar in the center for buying souvenirs. You will definitely find less tourists in Besisahar than you will in Pokhara.

If you would like to travel to Besisahar you can buy a ticket below. The cost is $10.99 per person. Upon purchase we will reach out to collect all the information and ensure you have a smooth travel experience.

The Process of Booking

Booking with Kathmandu Bus shouldn't be difficult and we don't want to make it so. We offer 4 routes and we offer the chance to buy 4 tickets at once maximum. If you do require more then do reach out separately. We know what you are thinking though.

What happens when I book?
After you have made the booking we will receive your email address from the booking. We will then automatically send you out a brief form asking you for the specific details. What we need is pretty simple and can help make your life easier as providing your hotel in Kathmandu helps us to write you directions.

Date of travelHotel in KathmanduAny special requestsPassport number (if international trip)
This email will be triggered automatically on a successful payment so once you have made a booking look out for this to get everything sorted. If you do need to reach us at any time, you can use our contact form or our livechat on the website! Travel with ease with Kathmandu Bus.

Do you offer other routes?

We want to keep this site as focused as possible on what we offer; that is bus tickets from Kathmandu to other destinations. If you are interested in other routes then please head to our contact page. We might be able to help you better there.

What about routes from Pokhara?
Now we can definitely help here! If you are looking for routes out of Pokhara then look no further. We have a sister website called Pokhara Bus. It is run by us so you can ensure the same quality and page layouts on it.

Can you help with trekking?
Whilst we do not focus on this as our main focus is transport tickets, we do have a partnership with Adventure Paradise Nepal who are well verse in all things adventure and will be able to help you during your time in Nepal. Who knows, if you mention that we sent you there, they may be able to give you a discount!

Do you know good accommodation options?
Yes this is also something that we can help with. If you let us know what sort of budget you are looking at and which area of the country, we can make some recommendations.

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